Drone Services

HC Robotics offers a comprehensive range of drone services for various applications. Whether you need aerial footage of your property or site surveys for large-scale land development, we have the expertise that you need.

Our specialized services include 3D mapping, photogrammetry, LiDAR survey, ensuring highly detailed and accurate datasets. We promise to deliver footage to your exact requirements, with fair and competitive pricing. Trust HC Robotics for all your drone needs and experience the excellence of our tailored solutions.

Land Survey

Our specialized land surveying expertise delivers survey-grade mapping and topography solutions, tailored to the needs of the construction, solar, and agriculture sectors. 

Utilities Inspection

Performing inspections of utility infrastructure for maintenance and planning purposes. 

Aerial Photography

Harnessing the power of advanced drones equipped with high-resolution cameras, we excel in capturing breathtaking photographs and cinematic footage from elevated perspectives. Our aerial photography services create stunning visuals and immersive movies, perfect for showcasing landscapes, events, and architectural marvels. 

Precision Agriculture

Drones are employed in agricultural services for crop monitoring, pest detection, and precision spraying. They offer efficient and cost-effective solutions, providing farmers with real-time insights into crop health and enabling targeted interventions. Drones enhance productivity and sustainability in modern agriculture. 


Our fleet

HC Robotics offers a wide range of custom and specialized drone services tailored to fit every application. Whether you need a portable mapping drone or an industrial rig for large-scale applications, we have the perfect solution for you. Our team of FAA certified pilots are highly capable and ready to complete your job with expertise and efficiency. Trust HC Robotics for all your drone needs and experience the excellence of our customized drone solutions. 



We currently operate in North America.  Please contact for more details.




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